Application of Intelligent electrical measurement and control terminal-HYFW
IoT Gateway Application in Substaions

NB-IOT Module in Remote meter reading and Street light monitoring

NB-IOT has the characteristics of wide coverage, much connections, low speed, low cost, low power consumption and excellent architecture. NB-IOT uses the license band and can adopt three deployment modes: in-band, guard band, or independent carrier to coexist with the existing network. Following we will explain the application scenario of NB-IOT module.
NB-IoT application in Remote meter reading

Water and gas meters are closely related to our lives and every household use them. The most primitive method is to manually check the statistics of the meter. With the development of society, manual meter reading has produced various drawbacks: low efficiency, high labor cost, mistakes in recording data, and difficult maintain management.

NB-IoT remote meter reading inherits GPRS remote meter reading function and also has a large capacity. The same base station communication user capacity is 10 times that of GPRS remote meter reading. With lower power consumption, the standby time of the NB-IoT terminal module can be as long as more than ten years under the same operating environment. New technology signals are more powerful (covering both indoor and basement) with lower module costs, and the expected single connection module is no more than $1 and will be lower in the future. In summary, NB-IoT technology is the product of the development of new era, solving many problems of previous limitations. The future IoT industry will definitely belong to nb-iot, realize everyone's interconnection, and all things interconnect.

NB-IoT application in Street light monitoring

When night falls, all kinds of colorful street lights in the city illuminate, and the city is covered with a beautiful coat. Under this beautiful appearance, there are huge shortcomings hidden. Entering the middle of the night, people have begun to rest, the flow of people on the street began to decrease, some areas do not need too much street lighting at special time, resulting in energy waste, increased unnecessary costs; Due to the use of manual inspection, a large amount of manpower is required, but the number of street lamps is huge, and the real-time status of the street lamps cannot be obtained in time, resulting in extremely low maintenance and troubleshooting efficiency of the street lamps.

The NB-IoT Street Light Intelligent Management System Monitoring Center is the center for operation, maintenance, processing, statistics, analysis and supervision of the entire street light monitoring system.

The monitoring center centralizes data management and monitoring, achieves target locking, fast search and other operations, supports centralized monitoring and management of the center, can set up multiple sub-control centers, network partitionable slice management, set up large street light control system; customized control strategy, control the street lights on both sides of the road to be fully illuminated, fully closed, and the alternations illuminated. The system can flexibly adjust the time control street lights according to local conditions;

The NB-IoT wireless network is used to realize distributed remote control; the street lamp fault detection function actively reports the location of the faulty street lamp; the communication capacity is large, so that no worry about communication if the street lamp is too dense.

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